Historical Chiloe
Quintupeu Fjord – Chidguapi Island
An adventure to discover historical places and ancestral traditions.
Puerto Montt – Quintupeu Fjord
CHECK IN: AV. Costanera del Estrecho (Muelle Arturo Prat).

This adventure begins in Puerto Montt, where we set sail in search of Quintupeu Fjord, a place where it is said that the battleship “Dresden” hid after the battle of the Falklands, during the First World War. We will discover its spectacular waterfall and we will be able to travel to the river where there is good fishing. We will spend the night here.

58 MN
06H 25M
Quintupeu Fjord – Porcelana Cove

On the second day, at first light, we will navigate south until we dock at Porcelana Cove. At this location we will enjoy fishing excursions at the Vodudahue river, exquisite hot springs, and other activities like trekking.

23 MN
02H 30M
Chidguapi Island – Puerto Montt

On our third and final day of navigating, we will set sail very early in search of Chidguapi Island, where we will dock to enjoy delicious seafood, fish, curanto or roasted lamb for lunch at Mrs. Juanita and Don Ricardo’s home, with exquisite homemade bread just out of the oven, and, of course, accompanied by a good wine. From Chidguapi we begin the last leg of the journey back to Puerto Montt, docking at sunset.

Cta. Porcelana - Isla Chidguapi
50 MN
05H 30M
Isla Chidguapi - Pto. Montt
23 MN
02H 30M